How SpecBooks Can Help Increase Your Showroom Sales

A model bathroom shown via SpecBooksIf you’re looking to boost your showroom sales, getting organized first is essential. SpecBooks is a tool that helps manage and streamline your showroom construction, ensuring that you always know the contents of your showroom, what you’re spending on them, and what you’re selling them for. Efficient showroom management is essential for maximizing your sales- read on to see how SpecBooks can help you.

SpecBooks: A Tool for Increasing Showroom Sales

As mentioned above, SpecBooks is a tool dedicated to showroom management, helping you achieve your sales goals and increase showroom sales. Some perks of working with SpecBooks include:

  • Utility-driven and professional design. It’s been proven that visual design is one of the most critical aspects of software usability- this is a long-underrated idea. Are you suffering from obtuse and difficult-to-use showroom management software, or don’t have any software at all? SpecBooks is dedicated to providing you with professionally designed software for intuitive navigation and use. 
  • Manufacturer information updated daily. When operating a showroom, you’re often operating on some pretty tight margins. With daily updates of manufacturer and pricing information, it’s possible to calculate break-even points and necessary markups with current and relevant information. 
  • An extensive database of products. SpecBooks maintains a massive database of products, providing our users with the correct fit for any of their or their customers’ needs. This database is accessible 24/7, perfect for pulling information at any time of the day.
  • Robust search functionality. Ever had trouble finding the exact product you’re looking for in a sea of hundreds of others? Just search for it! The search functionality included with SpecBooks software eliminates the frustration when users are searching for products and cannot find them. 
  • Custom databases. Are you having trouble finding the right products for your showroom? SpecBooks will provide a custom database tailored to your needs and integrate our software with your existing internal systems to remove any redundancies. 
  • Versatility. Above anything else, SpecBooks provides versatility and agility to your showroom management experience. Customize specification and installation books in an instant, or build out custom quotes at the touch of a finger. Adopting SpecBooks allows you to spend more time providing solutions to your customers rather than gathering the necessary information. 

SpecBooks offers many different avenues of services for our clients to explore, including SpecBooks, SpecBooks+, our C.I.P.O.S, and our soon-to-come mobile app, SpecBooks Halo. With many different methods and products to choose from, SpecBooks is sure to have the solution right for you and your business.

Interactive Showroom Sales: C.I.P.O.S.

Shortening your sales cycle is one of the most effective ways to increase the volume of your business. Simplifying and shortening the cycle allows buyers and sellers to remain engaged throughout the process and allows your customers to receive the solutions they need much faster. 

SpecBooks offers a C.I.P.O.S. (Customer Interactive Point of Sales) to tackle this issue. A C.I.P.O.S. is a piece of software that eases the checkout process for the customer, shortening the average sales cycle for your business. A C.I.P.O.S:

  • Provides product documentation with ease. At the touch of a finger, you and your customers can access detailed product documentation straight from the manufacturer. This means that the information is always accurate and results in more informed purchases by your customers. 
  • Offers custom catalog creation. If your customer is having trouble finding the product right for them, it’s a good idea to narrow down the selection to avoid them being paralyzed by choice. The ability to easily create a custom catalog for any customer helps them quickly find the right product or solution for their needs. 
  • Increases customer satisfaction. The end goal of the C.I.P.O.S. is always to provide the customer with a more satisfying experience, ensuring that they return to your business after their initial purchase. More accurate and accessible product information partnered with the ease of use unique to SpecBooks C.I.P.O.S. allows your customers to get the solutions they need and return more quickly. 

Benefits of Adopting SpecBooks into Your Business

Whoever you are- business owner, interior designer, builder, it doesn’t matter; SpecBooks has the potential to optimize every facet of your business and its operations. However, when selling products is at the center of your business and its revenue stream, it’s vital that you invest heavily into its optimization and ease. This is where SpecBooks comes in; SpecBooks, SpecBooks Plus, and our proprietary C.I.P.O.S. is a suite of software offered by SpecBooks that all serve the same purpose: optimizing your sales process. 

As mentioned earlier, shortening the sales cycle is one of the most effective ways to increase your sales volume and your business’s revenue. Creating easier ways for customers to make informed decisions and making the checkout process more efficient are just two of the many ways that SpecBooks works to make showroom management as easy as possible. 

Lastly, it’s no secret that many professionals managing their showrooms wear many hats within their business. Individual people may satisfy the role of the web developer, lead salesperson, and CEO at the same time. However, business growth sometimes feels impossible when all your energy is focused on operations. SpecBooks is dedicated to providing businesses of all sizes realistic avenues for growth- investing in software capable of easing some of your responsibilities is a great way to invest your hard-earned profits into your business.

Invest Back in Your Business with SpecBooks

Serving 4,800 locations worldwide, SpecBooks is the number one company for online tools, web services, ecommerce, and data management. SpecBooks is dedicated to providing effective software solutions for businesses of any size and positively impacting their showroom sales. SpecBooks boasts a $1.8 billion product value annually and over 4 million enriched SKUs from manufacturers. Visit our website or call us at +1(850)695-8377 to see how SpecBooks can help your business grow and achieve its sales goals.