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Product data on demand. Impress clients and make product selections easy.

Point and scan to retrieve enriched product data, pricing, and coordinating items instantly.

What We Can Do For You

Quality customer interaction and engagement promote higher sales. SpecBooks QR code technology enables users to retrieve select product information instantly with one scan. Impress customers with the ability to showcase products, price, and coordinate products on demand. No searching, looking through catalogs or browsing the web. This service ensures the ultimate customer experience and smooth sales process. Short staffed? Customers can peruse the showroom and retrieve select product information with a simple scan from any camera-enabled smartphone or tablet. Turn an ordinary showroom into an interactive sales machine with SpecBooks QR codes.

Are you worried about showroom maintenance? With administrative approval our QR codes update in real time when price increases occur. As a result, your showroom is now operating at optimal performance.

A laptop and a phone, side by side, display responsive versions of a shop page selling faucets in different designs and finishes. On the background above the devices, text reads "Operate at optimal performance."

Key Features

No searching for product information

Promote upsell opportunities

Create an interactive showroom

Reduce showroom maintenance

Shorten the sales cycle

Enhance the customer experience

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