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AI that helps you submit more bids in less time while increasing your win-bid ratio.

Time to say GOODBYE to:

Spending hours bidding projects.

Analyzing client fixture schedules.

And say HELLO to:

Allow A.I. to create the bid, submittal, and O&M in unison.

Automate the cross-referencing products process.

Provide data rich bids to impress clients.

Artificial Intelligence Predictive Quoting (AIPQ) automates the quotation and submittal process. Increase bid volume by 300 – 400% in a fraction of the time. Reduce cost and increase earning potential.

Over 10,000 Happy SpecBooks Customers

Introducing AIPQ,
Quotes & Submittals made easy.

Simply upload your fixture schedule to SpecBooks, and let our advanced AI technology take care of the rest. It efficiently processes fixture schedules, generating a comprehensive quote, a visually appealing picture portfolio, a detailed submittal, O&M documentation, warranty pack, and installation guides.

What’s more, our AI product cross-reference feature recommends preferred comparable products that align with the items listed on the schedule, making your product selection process seamless and efficient. Elevate your workflow with AIPQ – simplifying and optimizing the way you handle quotations and submittals.

Outpace your competition with SpecBooks AI

Stop wasting time putting together bids and cross referencing products.

AI Driven Technology

Let AI significantly streamline both the quotation and submittal processes simultaneously, saving you time, effort, and money.

Optimized Product Selection

By recommending comparable products, AIPQ helps users make informed and optimized choices based on their preferences and the fixture schedule’s requirements.

User-Friendly Interface

AIPQ provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy for users to navigate and utilize its features effectively.


Seamless integration with third party softwares that offers a real-time exchange of pricing information and quotation creation.

Product Data Management

Access our massive up to date product library of over 12M enriched SKU’s, or build your own product library.

Visual Appeal

Create visually appealing bids, submittals, O&M’s, Installation guides, and safety documents complete with auto generated table of contents and cover page.

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